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Balm Yard

Balm Yard | Bath Bars

Balm Yard | Bath Bars

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Bitter Bar | 13 Herb Bath has now been turned into a soap bar for those without a tub and still need cleansing. 13 Herb Bath is an old recipe that is said to be for removing hexes and jinxes and washing away negativity. It must be done consistently to work correctly if used for these purposes. There will be instructions for every bag purchased and a step-by-step on how to cleanse the self before & after the bath properly. 

Rain Shower Bar |  The perfect way to bring the calming scent of a rainforest into your shower. The petrichor smell of the soap fills the room with its distinctive aroma, creating an ambiance that is both calming and energizing. Buttermilk + honey + oatmeal + glycerin + coconut oil + argan oil + calendula oil + essential & fragrance oil blend

 Soft Green Bar |  A luxurious blend crafted with the invigorating scents of cucumber, mint, and olive leaf. This uniquely refreshing combination delivers a soft yet unmistakably strong fragrance, perfect for those who adore lighter scents with a powerful presence. Our carefully curated formula not only envelops your senses in a fresh aroma but also nourishes your skin with its hydrating properties.

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