Kahil El'Zabar

Kahil El’Zabar is a world class musician and composer. He has curated major art/music/fashion driven events for people of all different ages and cultures. In addition, Kahil is a part of various contemporary jazz bands, such as Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio, The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, and solo performances.

Meagan McNeal

Meagan McNeal is a powerhouse singer/songwriter and recording artist from Chicago, Illinois, versed in the genres of Soul, Jazz, and R&B. Known for her diverse range and soulful voice, she attracted great fandom on the local circuit and received international acclaim with the release of her debut album entitled “Mindset” in 2014. Gracing the stage of NBC’s “The Voice” in 2017, Meagan’s radiating vocals landed her on the team of Grammy Award Winning artist Jennifer Hudson. Using the tools and experiences, she attained from the mentorship and artist development on “The Voice” she furthered her music career.

Isaiah Sharkey

A native Chicagoan, Isaiah Sharkey spent his early years living in Cabrini Green. Perhaps as a precursor to his future career, he lived with his parents in a row house on a street that is now named for Curtis Mayfield. Coming from a musical household, Isaiah was introduced to music at the age of four. He learned about different musical genres/styles from gospel music, which came from growing up in the church, to jazz, R&B, blues, rock and funk music. It wasn't long after that Isaiah would become noticed by other musicians in the Chicago area for being a young, new talent. Soon after, he started doing concerts in the church as well as sitting in local jazz club jams


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