SlvrRm Exhibition

The Silver Room Exhibition features solo and group art exhibitions and programming organized by Chicago-based guest curators. Exhibitions include the annual 100 Canvases auction and fundraiser for The Silver Room Sound System Block Party. To inquire about exhibition opportunities, contact


Works from the Wild Yams: Black Mothers Artist Residency 2021 Cohort, Brandy Alpha, Lavon Pettis, Lashon Fouché, Kiela Smith-Upton & Taylor Moon.

Our next show at The Silver Room, opening this weekend, features a group show exploring positionality, value and self actualization from ya/momma’s perspective.

Wild Yams: Black Mothers Artist Residency is an artist experience designed to support, uplift and encourage creative sustainability and equity for Black Mothers + caretakers on the Southside of Chicago.

Artist Bio

Artist name: Brandy Alpha Kent

Brandy Alpha Kent is a Chicago based photographer, world traveler and background actress on TV shows. The concept behind these photographs reflect on the past, the concept of aging, time, death and loss. These images also celebrate Black Womanhood and freedom and connecting to the world. To learn more about Brandy's art practice and world travels follow her on Instagram

Artist Bio

Artist name: Lavon Pettis

Lavon Nicole Pettis is the founder of Turnkey Kaizen, an organization that provides product development and management to artists and professions in the fine art and creative industry. The work presented in this exhibition is a continuation of Lavon’s Mercy Endureth Forever project which explores her professional, personal, and spiritual development. This body of work further investigates Lavon’s interpersonal relationship with her LOVE of LABOR & LEISURE plus her passion for the psychology, sociology, arts and entertainment.

Artist Bio

Artist name: Lashon Fouché

Lashon Fouché (aka) Venise Keys is a visual artist, writer, and educator raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Venise’s art has exhibited throughout Chicago at The Cre.ea.tive Room, the Museum Science and Industry, KaLab Gallery, +Plus Gallery, Woman Made Gallery, and Intersect Chicago (formally known as SOFA: Sculpture, Objects, and Functional Art & Design Fair).

Artist Bio

Artist name: Kiela Smith-Upton

Kiela Smith-Upton is an artist, entrepreneur, mother, healer, and visionary with over 25 years experience in planning and creating collaborative community based mural projects, community beautification, real estate investing and project management. 

Artist Bio

Artist name: Taylor Moon

Taylor Moon is an astrologer, spiritual storyteller, and healing facilitator based out of Chicago, IL. She is the author of Aquarius; available online and in bookstores nationwide. She has been a featured Astrologer on,,, and

Curated by Wisdom Baty

Curator name: Wisdom Baty - Website | Instagram

Curator Bio

Wisdom Baty is a Chicago based interdisciplinary artist and arts collaborator interested in curating space for black and brown mothers and their children. With over a decade of community organizing, her practice reimagines physical space, autonomy and historical accuracy in support of black motherhood through the lens of intersectionality. Wisdom is the founder and creative director of Wild Yams: Black Mothers Artist Residency, currently operating at THE cre.æ.tive ROOM, an ART + DESIGN collaboratorium studio on Chicago's South Side.Wisdom has co-organized 6018N Windows to the World exhibition 2020, the inaugural Black Experience: Panel and MFA Showcase at SAIC Sullivan Galleries in 2015, and The Black Family Reunion 2017 with Threewalls and Reunion. Baty was a 2017 Marwen Teaching Artist Resident, a 2007 fellow at the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art and Music, participated in the Museum of Contemporary Art Teacher Institute and currently has work represented on the Field Foundations website under the program areas section. Baty received her BFA in Painting at UIC’s School of Art and Design 2012 and Masters degree in Arts Administration and Policy, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018.


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