The Sound System Block Party is the embodiment of Summertime Chi, from great food, untapped music, and a thriving community looking to have a great time.

Although it is both a movement in action and in presence the Sound System Block Party is the function of the year. It is in complete alignment with personal expression, love of people, as well as being a harmonious community event. From our powerful line up to a number of community vendors, we are intentional in creating a space that is both memorable and timeless.

"It is the pinnacle of the summer as we all come together in celebration of each other. From untapped music, great food, and expressive art, we seek to bring a holistic experience of culture and family"

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Family Friendly Event

Since the conception of the Sound System Block party in 2002, we have expanded our modest affair of friends and family to be what many know today as THE year-end event. Over the years we have curated a unique line up, from artists like Anthony Nicholson, Ashley Nosike, Vic Spencer, and Billy Branch just to name a few. However, without the continued outpour of love and personal expression from the community we hold dear, we would not have been able to create or sustain such a movement. We are appreciative of each member of our community and your continued engagement of the Sound System Block Party.