Block Party

Where Summertime Chi’ meets cultural diversity

The Sound System Block Party is the embodiment of Summertime Chi, from culture, art, and family it's a movement like no other.

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Community. Art. Culture

We are the intersection of art, community, and culture

The Silverroom is a Chicago institution and brand whose mission is to create a global community through art and culture.

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About Eric Williams


Owner Eric Williams, took his vision from the street to a boutique on the northside of Chicago, now headquartered in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. The Silver Room is more than just a store. “It was my answer to my love of fashion, music, art, and people”. - Eric Wiliams

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Black Joy - Call of Resistance
Black Joy

Black Joy - Call of Resistance

Can joy and resistance share the same space with the one who is proposing the joy? Yes, this is the very emotional space which Black folx embody ev...

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