Block Party

Where Summertime Chi’ meets cultural diversity

The Sound System Block Party is the embodiment of Summertime Chi, from culture, art, and family its a movement like no other.

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Community. Art. Culture

We are the intersection of art, community, and culture

Silverroom is a Chicago Institution and brand whose mission is to create a global community through art, community, and culture. Our intention is to curate spaces where authenticity and creativity can thrive encouraging the growth of the community, personal expression, and resources.

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About Eric Williams

Meet the Founder + Creative Director Eric Williams

Eric is the creative powerhouse behind the movement that is the Silverroom and the Sound System Block Party. Although innovative, he is seeking to grow the community through art and culture. Find out more here.

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SURA DUPART “The Artist”

SURA DUPART “The Artist”

PHOTO BY CAMOVEMENT “Before Music was used for entertainment it was used as a primary source of healing and a sublime connection to the divine” - D...

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