The first book on Chicago-born Hebru Brantley, the preeminent African American pop artist of his generation, whose work is hot and in demand in the art world, the fashion world, street style, and the music world.

Straddling the worlds of fine art, street art, and hip-hop, name-dropped on many a rap song, and collected by the likes of Jay-Z and LeBron James, Hebru is a painter, sculptor, and designer.

This book features the breadth of Hebru’s work so far and is the first monograph on his work. Set out in two parts, this work examines both the fine-art and applied-art nature of his work, with both his paintings and his streetwear collaborations receiving pride of place in the design of the book by prominent graphic designer Oliver Munday, currently the art director of The Atlantic.

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Modern puzzles. Incredible artists. Original, accessible art.

Apostrophe puzzles aim to bridge the gap of accessibility to fine art, and were created with the knowledge that the work of artists of color is valuable, desirable, and profitable. We believe that art appreciation is not only for the wealthy, and that the future of art consumerism is one in which everyone can participate. In punctuation and grammar, the apostrophe symbol is used to illustrate where there has been an omission (o'er), and to indicate possession or ownership (Bearden’s legacy). Our name draws its inspiration from this usage, fully articulating our desire to fill the void of diverse representation in the puzzle space, and to exhibit our pride in the creativity and contributions of contemporary artists of color.

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