Block Party

Where Summertime Chi’ meets cultural diversity

The Sound System Block Party is the embodiment of Summertime Chi, from culture, art, and family it's a movement like no other.

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Community. Art. Culture

We are the intersection of art, community, and culture

The Silverroom is a Chicago institution and brand whose mission is to create a global community through art and culture.

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About Eric Williams


Owner Eric Williams, took his vision from the street to a boutique on the northside of Chicago, now headquartered in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. The Silver Room is more than just a store. “It was my answer to my love of fashion, music, art, and people”. - Eric Wiliams

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Building More Than Just A Home
Habitat For Humanity Chicago

Building More Than Just A Home

By Sanjeev Singh Michelle Epps always dreamed of owning her own home. As a single mother raising two boys and also caring for her niece and nephew...

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