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The Simple Good

The Simple Good | Paz En La Villita T-Shirt

The Simple Good | Paz En La Villita T-Shirt

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Each TSG Quote Tee is inspired by the meaning of the simple good of our students. Each year we select 5 students' messages of 'the simple good' to put on our quote tees for a limited series release. The tees represent the various communities we serve and are selected through a public vote in order to amplify the voices of our youth & support their TSG Youth Art Programs. 

This "Paz en La Villita" Tee is inspired by TSG Youth Ambassador, Brisa A.  from Little Village. Check out her meaning of #thesimplegood below!

My ‘simple good’ is Paz en La Villita because we need peace in La Villita because there is a lot of danger. My ‘simple good’ was inspired by the shootings in La Villita which can cause a lot of disaster with the families who just lost a member. I showed my simple good in my artwork by describing how people want peace instead of violence. I plan on using my meaning of the ‘simple good’ to improve my community and change the world by having more peace in La Villita and stopping violence. This is important to me because gun violence is a daily tragedy affecting the lives of individuals around the world. More than 500 people die every day because of violence committed with firearms. A simple good question I would ask others is: Is there a cure for violence?

- Brisa A., 6TH GRADE, Little Village, Chicago

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