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Maniwya | Mudcloth Duffle Bags

Maniwya | Mudcloth Duffle Bags

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Product Details

  • Top zipper
  • 100% cotton
  • Responsibly made
  • Keep dry
  • Spot clean spills and liquids promptly
  • Imported raw material

 About Mudcloth

Crafted with time-honored technique, Mudcloth (known as Bògòlanfini in its native Bambara language) is an artisanal textile from Mali. Bògòlanfini literally translates to 'cloth dyed with mud'. Represented in the traditional white, yellow, brown, and sometimes blue hues; the hand-stitched fabric is further embellished by its creators with intricate patterns drawn with sticks and brushes. This artistry has made Mudcloth synonymous with Mali, as Kente is to Ghana, and has become a cherished symbol of Malian pride and identity around the world. Invite a piece of Mali into your home, with these unique accessories.

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