Have you ever been “Randomly Selected”?
It's common for Black and Brown folk to be "randomly selected", and searched to fit a description. We're flipping the script and are "Randomly Selecting" dope people as featured guests, and amplifying their voice for the greatest good.

Randomly Selected is a Podcast channel of expanded conversations featuring newsmakers, notables and underdogs, and a deeper dive with those who create and consume. Hosted by Mario Smith, our series is intended to entice, encourage, and introduce all the voices inside and around our amazing community.

This podcast is where WE get to tell OUR stories, and where WE get to change the narrative for the greater good in Chicago. 


Chicago poet, educator, producer and radio show host, Mario Smith has been performing in the Chicagoland area and the US for over twenty years. He is the host of "News From the Service Entrance", currently in its 20th year on WLPN-LP in Chicago, and is a contributor to WBEZ (NPR) and Vocalo.org.

Find his poetry in the book The Break Beat Poets published by Haymarket Press.