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Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World

Think Indigenous: Native American Spirituality for a Modern World

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A guide to integrating indigenous thinking into modern life for  a more interconnected and spiritual relationship with our fellow  beings, Mother Earth, and the natural ways of the universe.

There is a natural law—a spiritual intelligence that we are all born with that lies within our hearts. Lakota spiritual leader Doug Good Feather shares the authentic knowledge that has been handed down through the Lakota generations to help you make and recognize this divine connection, centered around the Seven Sacred Directions in the Hoop of Life:

Wiyóhinyanpata—East: New Beginnings
Itókagata—South: The Breath of Life
Wiyóhpeyata—West: The Healing Powers
Wazíyata—North: Earth Medicine
Wankátakáb—Above: The Great Mystery
Khúta—Below: The Source of Life
Hóchoka—Center: The Center of Life

Once you begin to understand and recognize these strands, you can integrate them into modern life through the Threefold Path: 
The Way of the Seven Generations—Conscious living The Way of the Buffalo—Mindful consumption The Way of the Community—Collective impact

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