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Tamiko Nettles

Tamiko Nettles | What Color Suits You, July?

Tamiko Nettles | What Color Suits You, July?

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This signed copy of "What Color Suits You, July?" comes with a special gift from Tamiko! 

"What color suits you, July?," is one of three books in the Let Go-Be Great Motivational Moments "Why" Phase Series filled with vibrant images, space to reflect, and discussion questions. 

Depending on what occurs along our personal or professional journey, we can choose to answer the questions we face by reactingresponding, or proceeding in a myriad of ways. In "What color suits you, July?," July can choose to react, respond, or proceed to the many emotions or colors she encounters as a successful professional. However, the color she chooses to “paint” truly suits her character and may surprise you.

As you read this story, you may identify with many colors or emotions. I hope you choose the best color that suits you, and in all of it, YOU decide to move beyond the question, emotion, or color and #BeGreat!

I’m rooting for you,
Tamiko Nettles

This book is the perfect gift, book club reading, or professional learning tool that sparks much needed conversations, regardless of age, around:

  • Self Empowerment
  • Allyship
  • Mindfulness
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Workforce Equity
  • Employee Retention


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