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Memoir | Eau De Parfum

Memoir | Eau De Parfum

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Harmoniously balancing sophistication and history, A Street in Bronzeville pulses with modern elegance. Evolving like a performance, its presence speaks to a modest yet powerful longevity. Opening with evocative oakmoss, it echoes summer nights at Chopin Theatre's Summer Solstice. Airy jasmine notes follow, a firm nod to the passion of poetry under spotlight. The heart reveals grounding patchouli, an homage to Gwendolyn Brooks' literary prowess of its namesake. Base notes blend cedar, sandalwood, and oud in a wooden tapestry— a steady embrace to the senses.
A Street in Bronzeville is built on moments as precious as its base notes — a foundation of your story.


Inspired by the magnetic love story of 1997's "Love Jones," Gypsy Eyes serves as an olfactory tribute to the transformative journey that is romance. At its heart lies a dedication sparked by the quote: "To the woman who helped me reach my next level...She knows who she is." Unfolding with seductive whiskey notes and vibrant bergamot, it evolves into delicate rose heart notes, a nod to intertwined love stories. Embracing vanilla and sandalwood, it's base creates an enduring impression.

Gypsy Eyes encapsulates passion and renaissance soul — a fragrant reminder of love's journey.


Embodying the transformative power of inspiration, Bespoke weaves elegance, creativity, and dance into an olfactory symphony. A spritz whisks you to the dance floor, where jazz melodies and Chicago's energy enchant. Fruity ambrette and white sapote intertwine gracefully, while violet and jasmine follow, reflecting dance's subtlety. A soft, sophisticated aura emerges, akin to the beauty of movement, while a woody base of cedar, amber, and musk crescendos harmoniously, lingering gently on the skin.

Bespoke is intimate, a dance partner on your skin. 

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