Mahogany Sandlewood Bracelet | Crowned Noble

$ 40

Powerful Mahogany Sandlewood Mala Beads - Mala beads are simple yet powerful prayer beads which help you overcome fears, reach goals, find comfort, and offer you support.

  • 100% handmade, quality natural wood and graceful natural texture makes this mala prayer beads bracelet act as a perfect tactile guide as you sit in silence.
  • Each bead has been carefully selected and hand-polished for making this wood bead bracelet durable, neat and shiny. Suitable for women and men of all ages.
  • Elastic cord makes it fit your wrists perfectly, easy to wear and take off. High-end transparent bag for providing protection when not in use and makes it easy to store and find.
  • Ideal gift for your families, lover, friends, expressing your best wishes. (Note: For protecting the bracelet, please don’t soak it in water)
  • 15" beads

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