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The Best Life Organics

Best Life Organics | Golden Turmeric Body Scrub

Best Life Organics | Golden Turmeric Body Scrub

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About this product

Experience bath time bliss with this all-over body scrub made from pure sugar crystals, organic turmeric root, and french rose clay. Use on rough and dry areas to exfoliate, provide intense moisture, and brighten darker areas of the skin.
Why turmeric? We love turmeric for its natural brightening abilities and gentleness on sensitive skin. 
How to use: For best results, massage a handful of body scrub all over the skin, focusing on dry and rough areas. Let product absorb for 2 minutes for extra moisture.Rinse off completely with warm water.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Scent profile: a whole snack. This scrub features aromatic notes of salted caramel, vanilla, and ginger.
  Net wt. 8 oz

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