Silverroom 25th Anniversary

Silverroom 25th Anniversary

By Angela Estrella Mejía


Do you remember 1997? The year had everything: The Bulls were deep in Jordan era, the world had Beanie Babies, The Spice Girls, "Titanic", and Bill Clinton was our President... Oh, and let's not forget, the leading mobile tech gadget was the Tamagotchi. Twenty-five years ago the internet was young, CDs were king, and Chicago had a young and thriving scene in Wicker Park, full of creatives.

When The Silver Room opened it's doors in 1997, not only was Chicago a different place, but THE WORLD was a different place. 

Twenty-Five years later, in a recently renovated space in Hyde Park, The Silver Room continues to transcend time and build community through art, and the city's vibrant culture. Now maintaining generations of DJ's and BIPOC artists here in Chicago, expanding onto larger stages, and gaining international reach through our digital and virtual platforms; The story of Eric Williams and the community he's built inside The Silver Room is truly remarkable. 

On Saturday, December 17, 2022, The Silver Room celebrated with a full day of DJ's including Sean Alvarez, Papa G and Duane Powell. We danced, we reminisced, all while continuing to welcome a new generation of creativity and community on the Southside of Chicago. This is only the beginning too, this party was only the kick-off to a full year of activations and collaborations to celebrate such a monumental occasion, so look out for more throughout 2023.

Photos by Angela Estrella Mejía (@angiestarstudios)
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