XL Orbis 3-Wick Concrete Candle - Black

$ 128

The hand-poured, cast-by-hand, XL Orbis Concrete Candle makes an illuminated statement—inspiring meditative calm with its fusing of raw, minimalist design and soft, 3-wick flaming light. subtle woodland scent is summoned through an articulated blending of essential oils.

When the wax finally burns away, take advantage of the vessel's many uses. Such as a planter.

+ Each vessel is hand-crafted. No two are alike.
+ Subtle Woodland scent
+ 110hr burn time
+ Packaged in a branded white corrugated box with protective foam

Vol / Weight / Size
21oz / 979g / 5 inch diameter

Concrete / Vegan Soy Wax / Essential Oils / Organic Cotton Wicks

Lead Time

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