Sleek - Pre Shave & Shave Cream

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SLEEK™ All Natural Pre Shave + Shave Cream is a strong shaving cream that deeply hydrates the skin before and after shaving while softening even the toughest hair shaft.  The texture of this all-natural shaving cream provides a smooth glide making it easier to shave and aids in soothing the skin. This cream is infused with coconut oil, papaya extract, and shea butter. SLEEK™ is specially formulated for all skin types.

Scent Profile: Pine Essential Oil - Sweet Orange - Natural Pheromone

Length of Use: 3 Months

Eco-Claim: NO Parabens - NO Harsh Chemicals - NO Fragrances - NO Sulfates - NO Mineral Oils

Product Information & Tips: When used as a Shaving Cream: apply shaving using lukewarm water and shave in the direction of your natural hair growth. 

 When used as a pre-shave: Apply using your fingers to lift the hair shaft, Rinse, Dry, Shave.

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