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Sing Or Drink

Sing Or Drink | Volume 2: '00 - '10 R&B Edition

Sing Or Drink | Volume 2: '00 - '10 R&B Edition

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Sing or Drink™ Volume 2: 2000 - 2010 R&B EDITION

Remember when you would belt out early 2000s R&B hits in your bedroom, using a hairbrush as your mic? 🎤 Or when those soulful tunes formed the soundtrack to every memorable moment of your youth? We do. And we've captured that magic just for you! Introducing Sing or Drink™ Volume 2: '00 - '10 R&B EDITION.

Lost the spark in your party? Feel the room going cold? Not anymore! This edition is here to turn your average, yawn-worthy get-together into an epic jam session. Solve the problem of party monotony as you and your guests ride a roller coaster of throwback emotions, from the heartfelt tunes of Alicia Keys to the smooth vibes of Usher.

Play it virtually, in person, on teams, or one-on-one! 

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