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Scarab - Golden Card

Scarab - Golden Card

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The scarab is an embodiment of Khepri the ancient Egyptian scarab faced god who represents the rising or morning sun, creation and the renewal of life. His name comes from the Egyptian word, kheprer or “to become”. 

Combination foil and emboss stamping by third generation New England craftsmen, on post-consumer American vellum paper. Custom card size 4.75” x 7.25”. Signature Noat envelope. Limited edition. 4 of 6 in series.

Inside: Blank
Egypt, approx. 2000 BC
Popular in Ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle symbolized the sun god, Khepri. Scarabs represented the heavenly cycles, rebirth and renewal, as the life-giving sun rose and set each day. Through the ages, these amulets were worn as a protective talisman.

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