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People of Color Beauty

People of Color Beauty | Nail Polish

People of Color Beauty | Nail Polish

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Growing up, founder Jacqueline Carrington, never saw images of nail polish colors reflected on brown skin tones, which made her skip nail polish all together growing up. It wasn’t until her 3-year old daughter Monroe, at the time, started coming back from visits with her GiGi (grandma) with her nails painted, that Jacqueline had a newfound interest. 

It's the brand's mission to celebrate and represent people of color through their nail polish collections and the stories that they tell. They want their tribe to know that the brand celebrates them and their beauty. 

Now available in

  • Pink Sand: Pink Sand is a great, warm color that complements various skin shades well as a nude and a pop of color.
  • Walk of Fame: Take a little star power with you with this beautiful color inspired by the Walk of Fame. It's the perfect mauve for all year around!
  • Ruby: This beautiful shade of red is perfect to celebrate the July babies in your life.
  • Brown Sugar Babe: Sugar in its natural, raw state is a beautiful brown color. The name for this polish was influenced by D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” lyrics. Brown Sugar Babe is the perfect brown to complement various skin shades.
  • Bronzed Beauty: Bronzed Beauty is a versatile, fun spin on a nude shade.
  • Carib: This color represents the pride of the Caribbean islands, the beautiful sunsets, and the Kings and Queens of the Carnival bands.
  • Revel: This glittery silver was inspired by the Carnival partygoers, known as revelers. Most revelers dress in colorful costumes as they partake in the festivities. This color represents a beautiful mix of all the colors seen during the celebration. Take a piece of Carnival with you in this fun, glitter topper.
  • Sapphire: This deep blue with a hint of shimmer is perfect to celebrate the September babies in your life.
  • Peridot: This candy apple green is perfect to celebrate the August babies in your life.
  • Top Coat: Protect your color, complete your look, and add shine with our top coat. Can also be worn alone on nails.
  • Calypso:  This bright orange was inspired by the rhythms of calypso music. This color represents the various music and rhythms of the islands and carnival. Take a piece of carnival with you in this beautiful, bright orange.

Directions: Apply base coat, 2-3 thin coats of polish (to desired opacity), then top coat. Allow 2-3 minutes dry time per coat.

Colors are made in batches, may slightly vary.

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