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Marshall Jefferson: The Diary of a DJ

Marshall Jefferson: The Diary of a DJ

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House music jacked the world in the 1980s and popular music has never been the same. From the merest two or three nightclubs in Chicago, House leapt the Atlantic, creating a scene in places as unalike as Manchester's clubland and the beaches of Ibiza - and sometimes its reputation did, too.

Now, Marshall Jefferson, long hailed as the Godfather of House Music, speaks of just what his contribution was and how responsible he, his friends and colleagues were for bringing House music to our ears.

Whether you are a fan or aficionado of House music, or just nostalgic about this high point of your youth, Marshall Jefferson's Diary of a DJ will give you the back stories to the big story of the rise and raves of the most radical departure in popular music since the sixties, and a social commentary on the revolution that electronic music instigated in popular culture.

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