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A Kids Book About

Kids Book About Leadership

Kids Book About Leadership

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“Your ideas and your thoughts matter. Even if you feel small you can influence just 1 person. And that 1 person can influence someone in their own lives, causing a ripple effect, which all together can change the world!”

Everyone can be a leader—even you! Whether in big or small ways, what matters most is leading with kindness and generosity. This book explores what it means to trust yourself, rely on the support team around you, and highlights that a good leader can come from anywhere and be anyone.

Orion Jean (he/him) is a 10-year-old 5th grader from Texas. He is the founder of the Race to Kindness, a series of events focused on spreading kindness to others. He’s learned a great deal about leadership over the last 2 years and he’s ready to share his experience with the world.

Core themes in this book:

Confidence, Generosity, Teamwork, Possibility

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