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Growing Up Mulatto - Paperback

Growing Up Mulatto - Paperback

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A class assignment leads an ambitious Tyler to investigate her family lineage. Conferring with family she uncovers a beautiful love story between her great grandparents. Her great grandfather was originally from Ireland and her great grandmother from somewhere in Africa via the diaspora. Tyler became fascinated by their story and longed to know more. A mysterious red light transports her to the 20th century south where she meets her great grandparents and witnesses the challenges facing their love. She meets her 6 great aunts and her grandmother as a 12 yr old. She witnessed their love of family and a deeply sacred need to survive despite the haunting veil of illegitimacy and racism. She learned of laws designed to limit and restrict. She watched the girls acceptance of their mulatto lives but hating the shame they were forced to endure in a town disgusted by their existence as they Grew Up Mulatto.

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