Crystal Pyramid Incense

$ 4

ONE OF OUR BESTSELLERS! Crystal Pyramid Incense creates fun and unique scents that set the vibe for us every day in shop. Made locally by Hyde Park's own, "Dread", there's an aromatic story and blessing sent with each bundle. Burn some at home for the full Silverroom experience. 

Hand-Dipped, All-Natural Incense - Available in Sweet Pussy, Egyptian suk, Ground Nut, Patchouly, Love Spell, Black Cherry, Black Love, Frank Myrrh, Kush, Sage, Sweet Nut, Oxygen, Mango Butter, Jamaican Plum, African Violet, Lavender, Chronic, Orange Sunshine. 

NEW SCENTS: Bless, 1000 Flowers, Black Cashmere, Coconut, Black Coconut, Love Supreme, Goddess, Opium, Dragon's Blood, Blue Sonata, China Rain, Pink Cherry, Oud, Yellow Rose. 


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