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BILLYKIRK | No. 117 Mechanic's Belt

BILLYKIRK | No. 117 Mechanic's Belt

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Not all companies size their belts the same, so it's very important in order to get the proper fit that you follow these steps:

Slide a fabric tape measure through your belt loops and write down your waist circumference. We recommend keeping a finger between the tape and your body to ensure an accurate fit. Alternately, use a string to measure your waist, then place it on a ruler to find your waist circumference. Lastly, refer to our belt sizing guide located under the main product image to determine the size of your new belt.

*If you fall between sizes, we generally recommend you size up.

The Mechanics Belt is a Billykirk favorite and easily garners the most interest. It can be worn casual or with a suit. Our mentor's grandfather was making a similar belt for the auto industry back in the '50s and we loved how it functioned. The flap of leather covering the buckle protects the car's paint job from being scratched. A very simple but effective design and a true piece of Americana. We made ours slightly wider, changed the tips, and added some hand-stitched details. Also popular with guitarists who don't want to bang up the back of their guitars.

  • Made In
  • Pennsylvania, USA
  • Materials
  • US Sourced Leather
  • 8/10 oz. Belt Leather
  • Dull Nickel or Dull Brass Hardware
  • Dimensions
  • 1 1/4" Wide Belt
  • Features
  • Hand-stitched Details
  • Leather Will Stretch, About 1/2"
  • Hand Burnished and Edged
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