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Silver Lining - UIC/TSR

IOUX Trays

IOUX Trays

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The IOUX Trays are about the beauty and simplicity of wooden objects inspired by the traditional African wood carving techniques. These typographic characters translate well as 3D functional objects for organizing various personal items.

UIC Design Student Collaboration with The Silver Room

The Silver Lining collection was created by a team of design students from the University of Illinois at Chicago, under the direction of Norman Teague. As a class, we were given the unique opportunity to create a line of products for The Silver Room. The store strives to create an inclusive space that emphasizes cultural diversity, music, art, and celebration.

We spent the semester in a virtual studio sharing conversations, as well as examining and evaluating each other’s work and helping one another to achieve the final outcome. Our final collection consists of a magazine, jewelry holders, bookends, rings, custom playing cards, reupholstered chairs, postcards, and catch–all trays.

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