Women in Sports: Naomi Osaka (Paperback)

$ 8.95

by Mary Hertz Scarbrough  (Author)

NAOMI OSAKA: Explore fascinating facts about tennis star Naomi Osaka, who has defeated some of the toughest and best-known players in the world! Off the court, she’s known for her upbeat attitude and quirky sense of humor. Let's get to know Naomi Osaka!

SPORTS BIOGRAPHY FOR MIDDLE GRADES: This photo-filled biography highlights the courage, dedication, and passion that drove Osaka to excel in her career. Discover the accomplishments that make her one of the greatest women in sports!

INCLUDES: This 32-page high-interest, lower-reading-level book for grades 4–9 features vibrant photos and includes glossary words defined on the page where they appear, boosting reader comprehension and confidence.

BENEFITS: This high-interest, lower-reading-level biography series is illustrated with captivating photos of amazing female athletes. Learning about these fascinating athletes is sure to engage, entertain, and keep readers coming back for more!

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