When Blackness was Golden! The Memoir of Pemon Rami

$ 24.99
When Blackness Was Golden thrusts readers into a fascinating era of Chicago and America when Black culture, Black pride and Black love ruled supreme. Pemon Rami chronicles his coming-of-age in Bronzeville in a rarely shared manner, offering readers a loving yet honest view of the urban metropolis. The layers of camaraderie and kinship he developed in the Stateway Gardens Housing Projects, where he quickly transitioned from boyhood to manhood, laid a phenomenal foundation for his life. Pemon's parents nurtured his natural leadership skills and athletic ability at an early age. Numerous mentors helped develop his artistic abilities and innate propensity to speak up against social, political, and racial injustices while continuously pushing the envelope toward cultural transformation. His influence continues to reverberate around the world, particularly in the United State, United Kingdom, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and Africa.

Pemon has glided between worlds of polar opposites throughout his entire life with a self-assured steadiness of pace. Such extraordinary commitment has earned him respect, protection, status, awards, and admiration from 'everyday people' to the elite. His memoir is unique, in that it could be used as an instructional 'how to' guide or as a historical primary source reference. From cover to cover, his story exhibits an unapologetically Black and proud soaring spirit that has transcended cultural, class, and financial disparities. Pemon Rami is a man who has unselfishly used his talents to develop greatness in others. Readers of his remarkable encounters will be amused, uplifted, and encouraged.

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