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The North African Cookbook

The North African Cookbook

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‘This cookbook is a must for a deep dive into North African classic and regional dishes.’ – Warda Bouguettaya, James Beard award-winning pastry chef and owner of Warda Patisserie, Detroit

‘An unprecedented and remarkable dive in the fabulously rich and diverse culinary heritage of North Africa (which goes far beyond the beloved clichés of couscous and tagines).’ – Mohamed El Baroudi, Moroccan tea expert and gastronome, Academy Chair of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for North and West Africa

‘A thorough, investigative journey through the food of the Maghreb, full of comforting and inviting recipes.’ – Yotam Ottolenghi, chef, restaurateur and food writer

‘If you're interested in the vibrant food of North Africa, this book is absolutely essential. Smart and beautifully written, it is filled with wonderful recipes you'll want to cook.’ – Ruth Reichl, bestselling author and food writer

A collection of 445 exciting and accessible recipes that celebrate North Africa’s vibrant and diverse food culture

Extensively researched and twenty years in the making, The North African Cookbook is the largest collection of traditional North African recipes for home cooks.

Focusing on the Maghreb region – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya – The North African Cookbook explores the territory’s vast culinary diversity and history. From Berber, Arabic, and Ottoman influences as well as French, Spanish, and Italian, this cookbook offers a comprehensive overview of how native, as well as European colonialism, influenced the region's traditions today.

A wide network of culinary voices from across North Africa guided the project. In a region so vast and so diverse, James Beard award-winning food writer Jeff Koehler looked to many hundreds of experts and locals. Following two decades of travel across North Africa and a career spent writing in depth about the region and its food, Koehler’s extensively researched collection is an exhaustive look at traditional recipes across the Maghreb.

Filled with delicious and authentic North African dishes that can easily be recreated at home, this treasure trove of a book brings to life an exciting cuisine that is as varied and fascinating as the countries it covers.

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