Love Is Me

$ 10.99

Raising confident black children in a world that tells them they are aggressive, defiant, and less innocent than other children begins with an abundance of love. Love Is Me celebrates how young children show and experience love daily. Teaching children to love themselves and others is the greatest gift we can give them. When children know they are loved and lovable, they have a secure sense of who they are, and their self-esteem is strengthened.

Love is me is an affirmation for children to use daily and as a way to help boost and maintain healthy self-esteem. It is also intended to teach kindness and the importance of children demonstrating compassion to all people, regardless of cultural, racial, or other differences. Love is a universal language, and teaching children to embrace themselves and others is an excellent start in closing the divides.

Brown and Black girls and boys are not taught to believe they are beautiful and worthy of love. Love is me is a positive reminder that love begins within their hearts, and as long as they love themselves, there will always be someone who will also love them.

Love is me, and love is you. Love is in everything we do. From the top of my head to the soles of my feet, I love every part of me.

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