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Bryant McLemore-Smith

Love, Blood, and Rhinestones by Bryant McLemore-Smith

Love, Blood, and Rhinestones by Bryant McLemore-Smith

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A Heart-Breaking Story Inspired by True Events. Was pain necessary for me to find true love? I didn’t welcome the pain, nevertheless I had to endure God’s rough draft of a life devoid of love. I write this book as an attempt not only to heal myself, but to also heal other abused souls who might have unanswered questions. Victims who have endured, survived, or are living the same nightmarish suffering at the callous hands of mental and physical abuse. This book centers around Elijah Ferguson, a fictional character whose story is based on a real-life aspiring actor both on stage and film. Even though he appeared perfectly content on the outside, at the hands of a mean-spirited father who crushed the dreams of an innocent child because he felt differently about his sexuality, growing up Elijah silently suffered with drug abuse, sex addiction, and low self-esteem. Later in his life Elijah faced a unique situation. He entered into a relationship with a tyrant and became a victim of same-sex abuse. Abuse so brutal that it almost cost him his life. Love Blood & Rhinestones exposes the unspoken challenges facing the LGBTQ community: including molestation, sexual assault, and same-sex domestic violence.

Here's what you'll discover in this book:

Present-day Message of Struggle: In a historic decision, the U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of a law that protects the LGBTQ community against job discrimination, a major victory for human rights. Love Blood and Rhinestones chronicles the life of a young man’s struggle to find himself while fighting the hate and intolerance in a time when most gay and transgender men and women, had to hide in an invisible closet of rejection.

Heart-Breaking Story Inspired by a Real Person: This is not just another fictional love story; this is a story of a real person who has gone through a living hell.•From Childhood to Triumph: Discover everything about Elijah's life, from his confusing childhood to the relationship that almost cost him his life, bookending with his escape plan.

Skillfully-Crafted Plot & Vivid Descriptions: The book features plots that will keep you glued to the page, and vivid descriptions that will send shivers down your spine.

And much more!

Written in the tradition of great African-American writers, E. Lynn Harris, James Baldwin, and Lorraine Hansberry, Love Blood and Rhinestones follows Elijah's journey from a confused child questioning his sexuality, to becoming a budding Hollywood star, a homeless drug addict, concluding in a relationship with a callous monster that almost took his life.Love Blood and Rhinestones is no ordinary book. Elijah wrote his story to make people aware of an implicit issue facing the LGBTQ community – Same-Sex Abuse. After his death in 2011, Elijah's real-life friend, Mr. Bryant McLemore-Smith took the lead to make sure that Elijah's story and message became known to the public.The Supreme Court’s ruling shines a spotlight on Love Blood and Rhinestones, the perfect book for its time, and your collection.


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