Imagine the Essence - 1oz Bottle

$ 25
  • Fragrance spray - oil based
  • Made locally in Chicago by Imagine the Essence

Imagine the Essence is a unique custom collection and luxury renditions of “pourfume” scents. Imagine the Essence is redefining the fragrance world as you know it! This signature collection of scents is progressive, innovative, affordable, and influential! These designs will take you to a new level of quality, class, and aroma.

Expanding on what began with eau de toilette, perfume, and parfume has emerged into a delightful next level of quality and design. The “pourfume” fragrances offered by Imagine the Essence are the highest level of quality oils, providing a long lasting scent that lasts throughout the day.

When people ask you what you are wearing, tell them, “Imagine the Essence!” The next level of affordability, excellence in quality, and long lasting scentsationalism!


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