Hieroglyphic Beings, The Language of Strings

$ 25.50

Jamal Moss is out with another one! He describes his latest full-length as “cerebral sonics sketched out in the form of body music for the home listener” but really, that descriptor wouldn’t be out of place slapped on the back of any other Hieroglyphic Being record. If you loved his Soul Jazz album from a few months back (we did), there’s plenty to sink your teeth into on The Language Of Strings. The strain of cyberpunk tekno that made The Red Notes so intoxicating is in full effect on “1,” “5,” “8,” “9” and “13,” but adventurous selectors should head straight for the sliced up FM weirdness of “10,” cannibalized “Plastic Dreams” vibes of “4” and the percussive hysteria of “7.” Moss brings it all back to Chicago on the fourth side, with the vintage Trax spoken word vibes of “12” and the hyperactive cyber-juke of “14” being particularly standout entries in his ouevre. Limited edition blue/grey marble colored vinyl pressing, you snooze you lose! Recommended.

  • blue/grey colored vinyl
  • double vinyl pressing
  • limited edition
  • music label: Mathematics 2018

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