Furiosa Nail Ring Yellow Gold

$ 55

The Furiosa collection was made as modern armor for women. The challenges we face can make daily life feel like a battlefield and this unique nail ring is a reminder that we will be victorious. It's meant to give you strength and is a reminder of the extraordinary power you hold.

This nail ring is inspired by the robotic accessories worn by one of Nina's favorite fictional heroines, Furiosa from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It is Nina Berenato's interpretation of one of Furiosa’s most iconic attributes, her robotic arm. Her disability is noted as a weakness, but Furiosa uses it as a strength. In the movie, Furiosa frees five Wives being held as slaves. Although Furiosa leads the charge, the battle for freedom belongs as much to the wives as it does to Furiosa, who all fight for repossession of their own bodies. The idea that we, as women are always stronger together inspired these futuristic shield pieces.

This ring is ADJUSTABLE and can be opened or closed to fit any finger size.

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