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Nothing To See Here Premium Notebook

Nothing To See Here Premium Notebook

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A magical series with hidden surprises. These books react to the elements and their covers come with a wow effect!   The cover print of the THERMO notebooks change colour with heat. Rub it, place a cup of coffee on it, or expose to warm sunlight. The effect is hot. Sunlight, or other light source, is essential for lighting up the fluorescent cover print of the GLOW series. The pigments of the silk screen print first stores, and then emits light in the dark. For flashes of genius in the middle of the night. 

Size : 8(1/2) in. x 6(1/2) in.

DETAILS: • Smooth Recycled Leather • Silk Screen Print • 120 gr Premium Paper • 256 pages
DETAILS: • 3.5 mm dot grid • Edge colouring • Manufactured in Germany


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