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Breathe: A Guided Healing journal for Black Men | Paperback

Breathe: A Guided Healing journal for Black Men | Paperback

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by Brennan Allan Steele

Write your story. Reflect on your identity. Understand your emotions. And breathe, brother. Breathing as a black man, has now, more than ever, officially become an act of resistance. From Michael Brown to George Floyd, it is evident that saying "I can't breathe" is not a cry for help worth listening to; rather, it is the green light for taking one's life. Add to that the continued violence towards black folks in general, and black existence is seen as threatening. In addition to witnessing such racial trauma, black men specifically have often become subject to the racist narratives of society while also lacking in adequate space for healing and personal development. "breathe" serves to provide space for healing and to promote a journey to wholeness for black men. Along this 45-day guided journal journey, black men will reclaim the narrative of their own story, process the impact of their identity on their existence, and more fully understand the range of emotions that they feel. This guided journal is perfect for black men ages 16+ and will guide them through prompts and activities to which black men don't often give thought. Grab a copy for yourself, your bruhs, your family members, and join the movement, brotha. Follow the movement on IG: @breathebrotha.

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