Black Zirconium Ring with Blue Grooves

$ 54

Black Zirconium Ring with Blue Grooves

  • Black Zirconium
  • Blue Plated Grooves 
  • 8mm Wide 
  • Available sizes: 9-13

*Please note, the ring and the blue grooves are lighter in person than they appear in photos

Zirconium is a refractive metal typically used in industrial applications and more recently, jewelry.

It's natural color is similar to Titanium but then, by heating it, a black, ceramic like Zirconium oxide layer is naturally formed.

It's an ideal material for people with skin allergies because it is virtually a pure element containing none of the irritants that can be present in some other jewelry materials. It's similar to Titanium in that way, and also very lightweight.

Black Zirconium is extremely durable and will never going rub off or change color over time.


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