Black History Saved My Life

$ 24.95
Black History Saved My Life: How My Viral Hate Crime Led to an Awakening is the compelling autobiography of Ernest Crim III, an educator, speaker and activist, who recorded and was the target, along with his wife, of one of the most widely publicized hate crimes in the Trump-era. More than 25 million people saw the vile attack as it circulated social media in the summer of 2016. Many were compelled with the restraint the recorder, Ernest Crim III, showed while enduring a barrage of N-words and spit. However, very few know the story of a man whose constant battles with racism as a child and adult, in the 90s and 2000s, leading up to this moment equipped him with the resolve to pursue the case diligently. We all encounter trials and tribulations in life. The question is: What are yours preparing you for? How will these trials prepare you for your purpose? Black History Saved Ernest's Life. What’s going to save yours?

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