Hand Gesture Jewelry Ring Holders

$ 80

The collection of Hand Gesture Jewelry Ring Holders features a Peace Sign "Unity", Middle Finger "Defiance" and a Form Inspired by the Dap Handshake "Strength".

UIC Design Student Collaboration with The Silver Room

The Silver Lining collection was created by a team of design students from the University of Illinois at Chicago, under the direction of Norman Teague. As a class, we were given the unique opportunity to create a line of products for The Silver Room. The store strives to create an inclusive space that emphasizes cultural diversity, music, art, and celebration.

We spent the semester in a virtual studio sharing conversations, as well as examining and evaluating each other’s work and helping one another to achieve the final outcome. Our final collection consists of a magazine, jewelry holders, bookends, rings, custom playing cards, reupholstered chairs, postcards, and catch–all trays.


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